How to Use Windows 8.1 Hidden Features

After a big awaiting Microsoft Released Windows 8.1 Preview. This new version has new features and new improvements. And in my previous post I wrote about How to Download Windows 8.1 Preview Officialy for free. Well, but many people don’t know to use their new features. So, I decided to write article about Using Windows 8.1. Here in this article I will show you how to use the hidden features behind the Windows 8.1.  Let’s see what’s new in Windows 8.1 and the ways to use it.

1. ) How to use Start Screen

Here the Start Menu feature is somewhat different from Windows 8. Here in this version you can move the entire group of tiles to a new one. You can even give them a new name. Very easy for Navigation, and all the installed apps are shown there. Even you can add your favorite apps in the Start menu.

For using this you need to right click or press any tile to start using menu for a while. You can drag your apps to any place inside the start menu. Click the grey box for changing the name.

2.) How to use Dual-Screen

This is the another best feature in Windows 8.1. You can see this feature in the old verions of Windows 8. This is useful for multitasking user interface. You can run up to four apps at a time.

Open any browser, I use internet explorer. And open two tabs. Now press one tab for a while and select ” Open in a new Window “. That’s it.

3.) How to Use Hand Free Drag Mode

This feature was first introduced in Windows 8. Here also they introduced it. Well, this is also a new feature for Windows 8.1. This is a very useful feature in Windows 8.1. You can move one page from one to another.

Just Tap the button > Hands-Free Mode. Now Drag your small screen and play.

4.) How to use Search Tool

I don’t want to explain it briefly. All of them will know about this well. In Windows 8.1 also Microsoft added this Search Tool. This tool is so useful for searching any apps inside your system. You will get your results from your files, apps and more in one place or in one list.

In your Windows 8.1 just swipe over from the right side of your screen and just select the seacrh box. Now start searching your wanted files and enjoy.

5.) How to Open Infinite Internet Explorer Tabs

By the way this feature is not added in the old version. By using this feature you can open many tabs as you want in the default browser Internet explorer. Well, this is a new feature, but if you do so it may slow your system. So, be careful.

Run the Internet Explorer and just click the navigation box and click the new tab icon. That’s it. Enjoy!

6.) How to Increase the tile sizes

Some people like to have big tiles and some other to have small ones. So, Microsoft added this feature in Windows8.1. You can extra the size of tiles. You can even reduce it’s size. But here, there are only two types of tiles. One is Little Square and another one is Big Square. You can choose your wanted size from them.

Just Right Click on any tile and select the resize at the bottom of your screen. That’s it.

7.) How to Shut Down Quickly

Keep you mouse over the sidebar, and then click Settings, then select Power button and choose ‘Shut down’. If you feel this is hard then you can press Alt+F4 for closing all your apps including OS.

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Still you can find more features behind Windows 8.1. But I have covered the most important and the useful feature in Windows 8. I hope you like this article. If you have any doubt then leave those errors in comments. Please share this article with your friends and help us to grow.

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