Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager – Review!

Managing all your files like a Windows Explorer and to control your Android device on your computer with help of USB cable you need some applications for doings these tasks. So you may need more than one app! But with the help of Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager you can do all those things mentioned above as per your wish! You may not know about this new awesome app, but this app got many new features. Now this post will share about its abilities and other important features of Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

What is Vibosoft Mobile Manager?

Its nothing but a Mobile Manager to access your data and files on your mobile, but with additional features than other File Managers. By using this you can Backup your files to your computer quickly and simply. Even this app allows the users to control your mobile from your PC and allows you to send text messages. Editing contacts and synchronizing your mobile with your system in few steps.

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Features of Vibosoft Mobile Manager

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#1 File Backup from Mobile to PC

The best feature of this app is to create a backup file for your device files with one click. So surely this can make your work so simple than before! With this feature you can backup anything from your mobile to computer such as contacts, SMS, apps, call logs, music, videos, photos and more.

#2 Exporting/Editing your Messages & Contacts

This export function allows the users to export the user text messages to computer as backup file to your computer. Even users are allowed to backup selected messages too! Not only Messages, you can export the Phone contacts to your PC directly in few clicks. These processes can be done instantly without any issues. Another best thing will be editing feature added in this app. Users are allowed to edit their messages and contacts from computer. If you wish to delete the unwanted messages and other things, then you can delete them directly from PC. You can also perform more operation like Edit, Backup, Add new and more, If you want to Transfer Messages from Samsung to Computer & Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Computer then this is best software for you.

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#3 Desktop SMS & Contact

As on above mentioned feature, here you can create a new text message and send it directly from your computer from PC to mobile. Here group text is also enabled here, so that users can send group messages in simple clicks without any issues. Saving your time is must need! So this feature can help you better!

#4 Transfer Files Between PC & Mobile

With this feature, users are allowed to manage files in SD card simply with additional operation like copy, paste, cut, move, create, delete, rename, share, backup and send files stored on your SD card or internal memory. And another best part is, this app is connected with online resource in one place for downloading apps, ringtones, movies and other things. Even they may cost as per your choice. You can download Android app and install them without any emulators. Surely this app gonna to help you more!

Still you can find more interesting features and now it’s time to try out in your device, Now days Vibosoft providing various discount on their products on the occasion of Christmas, you will find all christmas offers here.

Download Vibosoft Mobile Manager

What’s your point of view about Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager? Any previous experience of using it? Then drop them in comments below! Thanks: D

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