Voice Recording in Android Phone – Easiest Way!

Voice recorder is one of the most wanted mobile app/feature in our day to day life. Android device has been provided an app that having the ability to record voice yourself. Musicians may want to record their new idea, journalists may need to record interviews. You can use this app for the personal purpose such as set it up at night to see if they are talking in their sleep. In other ways, you say this app is used for very plenty reasons. The good news is that some Android phone has their own voice recorder so you don’t need to purchase an app from Amazon or anywhere.

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How to start voice recording in Android Phone

            Basically, the Android phone provides voice recording app. If in your mobile the app is not available so don’t worry there are many free apps that are available in store such as Audio Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder, Google Keep, Smart Voice Recorder and so on.

Steps for Recording Voice in Android Phone:

  1. First, you check that the mobile has voice recorder app. If not then you install the app and go to step 2. Otherwise, step 3. In some android mobile app has pre-install.
  2. Open the play store, search voice recorder app and install it, you can install by clicking here.
  3. When the app is successfully installed then open it for recording voice
  4. Hit” the record button with the red dot to start recording. When you hit the red button the counter at the top will be showing and voice recording also starts. 
  5. “Hit” the red button again to stop recording.
  6. Enter the title for your recording and hit the save button to save file
  7. If you want to listen to your recording tab on a player that shows your voice recording.

You can download free voice recorder app using below link:

            The below are the steps that are used for voice recording in android phone. This article helps you to record voice in android mobile. If you have any difficulty, doubt, and question regarding this article. Let us know using below comment box and share this article with your friends using social media channels.

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  1. T I Antor

    Hey, Harshit,
    Excellent stuff!!
    This post will help many new android phone users to call records. I am using Audio recorder on my phone and its really works well. even, I can transfer the file to any devices with any format. Thnks a lot for sharing this useful post.


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