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While sharing new videos online, and when it becomes viral then that video will own much attentions from the big crowd. Viral in the means, that video should have got more views, more likes, more comments, and it’s sharing counts. Do you know? The teen guy who have more fans around the World, Justin Bieber came from the viral videos forum. You can find many artists like JB, Karmin and more became popular from the viral forums.Till now, Justin’s Baby hits the YouTube and it stand among the top 10 most viewed videos in YouTube. - Make your Video Viral and Earn Online

As you know, Youtube is the most popular and largest video sharing site than any other video sharing network which has over millions of views every day. Like Youtube, there are many video sharing networks, where they follow the same method followed in Youtube. There are many talent artists, who are trying to attract audiences towards them by sharing their videos. But, it becomes so tough in Youtube. So for this case here is an new online video sharing network or player anything else, hit the market in 2013 called

What is

Do you have ever heard about Vube? is a video-sharing website which hit the online audience in 2013. Their main aim to take talented artists, person or anyone who like to achieve something in front of a big crowd and making them more famous. This website achieve their target by attracting 41 million unique visitors every month. Now this website stands under the top 100 website rank list globally. They attracted much visitors to their site by conducting monthly contests. In that contests the Top 25 users are rewarded. They are ranked according to the views, likes, comments for their video they have uploaded. - Make your Video Viral and Earn Online

The total reward amount is $55,000 and which will be distributed among various users as per their ranks. In case one user got more views and ranks first means, then the reward will be shared to him as $15,000 and like wise the reward will be shared to the Top 25 users. Here users have many rules and regulations before joining this contests. Users should upload only unique videos and they will be moderated by Vube network. Vube is currently available in 73 languages and with better navigation system.Just give an try for this…

How to Join Vube and Win Contests?

As I mentioned before, Vube holds monthly contests and the top ranked users will be rewarded for their videos. Every last day on each month a new contest starts. Once the contest ends, the top ranked winners will be announced within 3 business days. If you like to show your hidden talents to the world and want to participate in this monthly contest, then visit their official site. Just, Check below for more details about the rewards, - Make your Video Viral and Earn Online

For participating in Vube contest, you have to create an new account on Vube. Then, read the rules carefully and follow them. If you don’t follow them you’ll be disqualified from the contest. Even Vube have right to delete your video at any time for any conditions. Sign up now and show your talents to all. Hope, in feature Vube have lots of chances to overcome YouTube Network. And also, I thank Techgyd for sharing these useful information about Vube.

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