How To Watch 3D Movies & Videos On VLC Media Player

Hello guys, hope everyone doing fine! Today I’m here with another exciting trick on VLC Media Player. As everyone knows VLC media player is the best and most popular media player for Computers, Laptops and even for mobiles devices. VLC media player is more popular because of its supporting feature. Yes, VLC media player will support lots of video and audio format files such as FLV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV, MP4, MP3, OGG, 3GP, WAV and many more. And it also got very simple user interface which makes the user to use it very simply.


Other than it got theme customization option and here it got another hidden feature which got ability to play 3D movies and videos using VLC player in your computer and on your devices where you installed VLC media player. So this tutorial post is totally on How to Watch 3D Movies and Videos on VLC Media Player? Can we try it in our system? Yes, you can!

Many guys are looking for some best player to watch 3D animation movies. But they failed to watch due to worst quality of the players. But by using VLC media player you can enjoy as experience the same of watching 3D in cinema halls. This post guide you the best on watching 3D movies & videos on VLC media player. This is awesome hidden feature of VLC player. This can excetued in short time with the feature of 3D aka 3 dimensional. Another thing, this feature will support only Red and Cyan 3D viewing option. Instead of sitting simply without watching 3D movies, you can try out this!

Watch 3D Movies & Videos On VLC Media Player

Step 1:- Download a 3D movie/video in SBS format.

Step 2:- Then run VLC player in your system and open the downloaded file in it.

Step 3:- Then click the “Tools” option and choose the “Effects and Filters”.

Step 4:- Now click on the “Video Effects” and select “Effects” tab and go ahead.

Step 5:- There click the “Advanced” tab. Within there just make sure you Check on “Anaglyph 3D option”.

Step 6:- That’s it! Now just sit back by wearing Red or Cyan glass and have some fun 😀

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed this article with informative thing about VLC Media Player hidden feature. If you’re facing any issues while executing this method on your system then make us know those issues in comments below! If you got any other quries related to this post then let us know it in comments. We try our best to resolve them and answer your questions ASAP.

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