Which is a better way? EHR replacement or Optimisation

The major consequence about EHR implementation is bound with the patients lose. A recent report tells that 81% EHR users want to replace their system due to improper functioning. This will be a bad omen for IT industries who are hard working in developing better systems for medical sector. Apart from interface problem or technical issues, customers are facing ignorance by EHR vendors for bad customer services, delayed system upgrades, lacking training, etc. EHR system looking forward for reducing its values they are up to and extremely make efforts to upgrade their entire processing systems. After first and second generation system, they are planning to have third generation EHR in the cloud. The users are relying on EHR to solve the medical care issues with the patient’s records and treatments.
EHR replacement or Optimisation
The EHR replacement will not harm their users but will affect the patient’s medical records. In replacing this system will block the patient’s record and patient will suffer much in the whole act. The entire reports and other treatment relevant information are not returned to any healthcare firm after ending their contract. Once you have ended you contract with EHR they will not provide you further access to the data stored with them. Moreover they will charge you high to get access to their patient data which will be inconvenient to any healthcare division. The only way to have smooth running of your healthcare system is the improvement in the EHR system to avoid the contract failure with them which will give rise to more complex issues and doings.
New challenges in front of health information technology make it more reactive against the current medical needs. With the truth of this system’s adaptation make people more aware and vendors itself struggling to make it up to the mark to eliminate all the complaints and dissatisfaction for the customers. The wave of the optimisation of EHR system is blowing swiftly to protect the IT department’s productivity. People’s faith in IT sector is degrading by the effect of EHR on practitioners. Building a new confidence in optimising EHR carries planned strategy to understand this system deeply with adequate trainings and sample working. Need to know the difficulties at the user-end to make it easy and understandable.
A well planned metric strategy should be associated to combine it with the major goal. Need to highlight the important and necessary drawbacks which are to be first treated. As with running of short time we didn’t make all the problems solved at a time but to prioritise these for betterment of EHR system in future. This system is proficient for using with reduced costs, more precise medical records, increased revenues, reduced medical mistakes and many more. There is a need to set some standards for this system to be preached in healthcare solutions like verifying and indicating consents in patient records, to enter past medical history, current medication, pharmacy information, fast processing time from customers sign in till they get the report results. These will help to have standard facility for patients to have a complete record of them.      
About Author:  The above article is written by Flecher, who works as a head of Healthcare software development team with Aegisisc. The organization has worked with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry across the globe.
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