Why Should You Build Your Website Using WebsiteBuilder.com?

Are you looking to build your own website but don’t know how to proceed?

By this time, you would have gone through some internet articles/tutorials and discovered that building a website requires a lot of coding skills. You need to be an expert in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and many other languages in order to make your website come into existence.

With that being said, it is now very clear that it is impossible to learn all these difficult languages within a week or even a year.

What if I told you now that you can now create you own website within less that an hour without any of these skills?

And by a website, I mean a full-fledged professional and unique website.

Shocked, right now?

Well, you should be. Today in this article, I’m going to tell you about websitebuilder.com and how you can use this tool to create your own website within just few minutes.

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What is WebsiteBuilder.com?

Websitebuilder.com is an online service offered by our friends in UK that allows you to easily create your own website without any coding knowledge.

It uses a drag-and-drop user interface which is very much similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint. So this means, if you can use PowerPoint, then you can comfortably make websites as well.

In this article today, we are going to have a deeper and more technical look at the features and services offered by websitebuilder.com. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

  1. Themes and Design

WebsiteBuilder.com claims that it provides 10000+ combinations of templates. Well, that’s really impressive and big feature that are are currently offering. There will be a template present for you, no matter which niche you’re in or what you’re looking for.

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These themes have high degree of mobile responsiveness, so they look equally great on both computers as well as mobile phones.

All you have to do is select any of these templates, make some changes as per your requirements and hit the publish button. That’s all what it takes to get your business online when you’re using websitebuilder.com.

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  1. Website Editor

WebsiteBuilder.com uses a drag-and-drop interface which allows you to easy place different kind of elements on your website. You can choose from several available pre designed-elements and simply drop them onto your website canvas.

Each element has its own customization options and settings that can be altered as per your requirements. The options with photo gallery and sliders are really impressive and so is the setup with other elements. The most amazing part of this whole process is that there are a number of library variations present for the same element, which means that there is more than one way to design or showcase the same element of the page on your website.

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It also provides you with an ability to access the z-index of the element. The z-index is used mainly by the designers to alter the layer of the elements and typically is of no use for a general user, but again this feature is not presernt in other website builders and hence is an impressive add-on.

  1. Variety

WebsiteBuilder.com helps you to create blogs, ecommerce and business websites with great ease. The variety is claimed to be extensive and on checking we found that it is really true to a great extent.

The blog is the standard one with sidebars and images and the templates act as a value addition, becoming the greatest asset of websitebuilder.com platform. You can manage your posts and add new ones easily. The editor also provides you with a functionality to keep your posts as “featured” or “pinned”.

Other than this, you can also create your own business website very easily using their service. There are tens of thousands of templates present currently in their database and you can select the best one that fits your requirements. So all in all, it is not a bad deal at all and the whole process definitely sounds extremely overwhelming.

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  1. Hosting and Support

They claim to help your website grow by using “expert CDN hosting”, so that’s a quite good thing for your business. When you buy any of the package offered by websitebuilder.com, you automatically receive a free domain as well as free web hosting to host your website. So this definitely helps you to save a lot of money and helps you stay away from all the tension of nameservers, website files, cPanel and all that hard stuff.

Their support is also well aligned and the response in chat or email is quite extra-ordinary. The only loophole that you might face is when you are trying to cancel or rebuild your website with a different template.

But that’s also not a big problem as you can make a transition from almost any theme within just couple of hours.

Final Verdict

So, to wrap this up it is not wrong to say that websitebuilder.com is definitely one of the best tools available out there to simplify the process of website creation.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and create your own free website now!

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