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Windscribe is a new VPN provider that has made a strong entrance in the competitive market. It comes with a really strong encryption and a dual pronged approach to keep your data secure from 3rd parties.  In this article, we will review Windscribe. Let us come straight to the point.

Let us take a detailed look into Windscribe VPN service provider.

Windscribe is a Canada based VPN service provider. You will be able to connect to Windscribe VPN server from 20 different servers locations such as from Canada, UK, US, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong and some others. Moreover, currently, P2P is allowed on all existing servers.


  • Robust encryption
  • Secure connectivity
  • Privacy checks
  • No 3rd party data sharing allowed
  • Use of Modern UI
  • High transparency rate
  • Excellent extension
  • Great functional ability


  • More than average price plans
  • Limited support

Price Plan:

Windscribe has different price plans for different users. Let us take a look at the price plans Windscribe offers.

·        Free Plan –

There is a free trial plan which comes totally free for 1 month. It has a limitation of 10 GB data cap and a restriction of 1 device connection at a time. This is simply a Test Plan.

·        Primary Plan –

You will be able to avail the Windscribe primary plan at the rate of $9 per month subscription. It has a limit of 10 GB data cap per month and 1 connected device at a time limitation. Practically, the 10 GB data cap is ample but not at all good for regular long term use. Usability and discounts increases for paid and longer subscription plans.

·        1-Year Plan –

You will be able to avail the Windscribe 1-year plan at the rate of $45 per year subscription. This 1-year plan is so cheap than its other VPN service providers that you will almost save 2 months payment. However, to be honest, you will also find cheaper 1-year subscriptions offered by other VPN server providers but those won’t give you the same functional ability that Windscribe 1-year subscription offers you! This plan is also termed as the Pro Windscribe plan. There are no data caps under this plan and no connected device restrictions as well.

Refund Policy:

With the free plan, Windscribe encourages users to try out Windscribe once and test it before making any serious subscriptions. The free plan differs from the Primary and Pro plans only in terms of bandwidth limitation and number of connected device restriction. You might get a full refund after purchasing a subscription if you can explain your problems in the right way. Moreover, the full refund is applicable only if you request for a full refund within 3 days of the purchase date and if you have not exceeded 10 GB data.

Security & Privacy:

Windscribe does not compromise in security and privacy. The dual pronged approach to encryption makes sure that users don’t use a VPN incorrectly by connecting in a compromised protocol or an unsecured connection at their own expense. Ip addresses are not dedicated so it is hard to identify a particular user. However, Windscribe does not allow a list of protocols.

Windscribe offers one and only OpenVPN protocol and also support IKev2 protocol. OpenVPN is currently the not only the fastest but also the most secured protocol available in the market which also allows open source to boot. DNS leak protections are always on and data encryption is done using AES 256 with RSA 4096 for handshaking and SHA 512 for data authentication. Moreover, IPv6 requests are automatically blocked at the client level and there is also a Kill Switch.


As far as Windscribe VPN provider customer support is concerned, it is limited to ticket based queries only and Livechat is not offered. The reason behind no LiveChat support solution is Windscribe considers LiveChat as a 3rd party! However, you will get ticket based query replied in your email address within few hours of complaining, so ticked based support system is not at all a problem.


We recommend you to use Windscribe VPN at least once. We guarantee that there will be no compromise in terms of privacy and security. You are getting it with added benefits at a cheap rate so why not try it once!

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