How to earn money with New Google Affiliate Ads Program?

Blogger is most easiest method to earn more money for free by simply by writing articles, etc, and where in blogger there are many companies to sponsor ads for your site but Google Adsense is the genuine income payment for the Blogger.The Google Adsense account pay for publishing ad on your blog.

Now the Google Affiliate Ads is a new affiliate marketinfg program for the blogger.This intiviates towards  bebefiting publisher who say about some products,certain brands,etc.,Therefore here is the chance to try out ur latest affiliate marketing tools!.

About Google Affiliate Ads:                            
The Google Affiliate Ads  has been introduced in the blog.That to in the form of widgets to make the writer easy to post the ad.The google affiliate ads can be chosen by the writer about the topic what they are writing or product about the new post.when you write a new article the widgets will help u to display an affliliate ad on ur post.There are different types of ad type .They are image,text link ads ,banner ads etc.

Google Affiliate Ads                                         

In google adsense we earn money for clicking the ads which pbulished on your website.But here it is totaly difference.The afflliates is all about the performance  of the affiliates .This schemes pay money on a par-per-action basis.So is it easy to earn for this scheme.

How To Start:

       1)For this u should have an approved google adsense account.

       2)If you dont have google adsense click here to get it.  

       3)After sign up go to ur blogger home page,and click the earning tab button on the left side,

There u find the optin get started .It is simple,browse the catgerories and pick the ad for ur blog.

The preview for it :


Join and earn money! With Google Affiliate Ads !

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