Wrike, an online project management software – Review

Hello to the dear readers of Triposoft! We are back with a review for Wrike, an online project management software that was developed to facilitate easier management of projects and better, more regular communication between individuals and team members. Wrike is a collaboration tool used to organize and assign tasks to individual workers while providing real-time project insight for managers. It makes daily work transparent to everyone in a professional team. This is literally a project hub where users collaborate and discuss everything from task assignments to providing feedback on the latest work done. They can also manage schedules and store files in the cloud.


Wrike can be used as is or tailored to a team’s workflows. Whichever plan a user selects, there is no limit for the number of collaborations and tasks that an organization can create and work on within Wrike.

Here I’m mentioning some of the key features of Wrike.

  • Advanced task management
  • Project overview in a real-time Dashboard
  • Sharing and editing of files
  • Creating subtasks
  • Streaming of real-time activity on the platform
  • Real-time progress reports
  • Discussions related to tasks
  • Mobile apps
  • Synchronizing of work tasks

Wrike actually combines the core features of an enterprise social collaboration tool with project management software. The result being a collaborative work management application that can help teams work together seamlessly.

Like other project management tools, Wrike allows you to create tasks and subtasks and set some due dates for those tasks. There is an option to add comments on any tasks and you can easily invite teammates to provide feedback on a task by @mentioning them just like on social media. After successfully completing a project, you can then save your project as a template in Wrike, which means the project management software allows you to replicate past projects with one click. Another cool feature in Wrike is that you can easily convert emails into tasks or update tasks and even carry on discussions — all without leaving your inbox, thanks to Wrike’s integration with email software such as Google Apps, Outlook, and Apple Mail.

Wrike also display the various charts and reports, allowing you to track the performance of your project. One glance and you can note which tasks are completed, which are still active and also which are overdue per user. This reporting capability built into the dashboard of Wrike provides granular insight into the progress of every project and the overall performance of each team.

The document editor is another major feature that allows multiple users to edit documents at the same time. There will be a loop of consultants, teammates and clients into a conversation and you can use @mention in the comments that will be used in the future.

Wrike’s work management features allow you to synchronize your calendars, tasks, and project milestones via integrations with Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, and iCalendar. Wrike also offers a range of other 3rd party integrations, giving you the power to easily attach and edit files in Excel, Word, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Gmail.

Wrike is now available in 10 different languages for various users. Also, Wrike now runs an affiliate program for its users with the help of its tools. You can watch more about this on the YouTube channel of Wrike. The app can be installed in your iOS, or Android mobile devices, or simply used within a browser.

Here are some of the vital tasks that you can do with Wrike. These parameters will explain why you have to choose Wrike.

Task management: Task management is nothing but creating subtasks and main tasks within Wrike and assigning it to a user. One can manually prioritize one task over another or track access, and even schedule recurring tasks.

Discussions: One can add comments to any task via a comment section. You have to @mention another user directly to alert that teammate to join a conversation.

Activity Stream: Wrike also provides a real-time activity stream which follows the updates of any project you’re following. These updates will be filtered by tasks, projects and updates. You can choose the project based on your priority.

MyWork: This part shows the total number of tasks and displays the tasks that need to be done for the day and also those that are overdue. If there is a project behind your project schedule, it will help you in identifying it!

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