Xnspy – A Spying App for Android Phones

Xnspy – A Spying App for Android Phones

Spying apps for Android phones have been in buzz for a long time because of their features and the fact that you can remotely watch what other person is doing with their phones. In this piece, we are going to review one popular spying app for Android known as Xnspy. Many of you might have heard its name already but you didn’t buy it because you are not sure if it is legitimate.

When I first visited Xnspy’s website, I couldn’t find its trial version and this actually discouraged me to try it out. I didn’t believe it to be legitimate, to be honest. I still explored their website and the features they were offering. I found they have a live demo section that lets you experience everything without signing up for the app. I compared its prices to the popular apps around, which claim themselves to be the best Android spying apps in India and Xnspy’s took the lead. It wasn’t as costly as the rest of them (which kind of are offering the same features). They have two packages; Basic Edition starting from $8 a month and Premium Edition starting from $12 a month.

Installation Procedure

You have to subscribe to Xnspy and then install it on the device you want to monitor. This could be the phone of your child, partner or employees (only the company gadgets). To install Xnspy, you will need physical access to the target device. It will just 5 to 10 minutes to follow the instructions emailed to you at the time of subscribing the app for installing it on the target device. Once the installation is complete, wait for 24 to 48 hours to log in and monitor.

As you log into the web account, you will see the dashboard. It will look something like this:

Xnspy – A Spying App for Android Phones

This dashboard has some controls that let you view everything on the target device from a remote location. As you navigate through the tabs, you will find what you are looking for.

Features of Xnspy

This spying app for Android has some nice features. I am going to discuss the ones that I tested:

Monitor Calls and Text Messages

-You can view the incoming and outgoing calls along with the number and name of the contact.

-You can read the text messages sent and received by the contact and the target device. If Xnspy successfully creates a backup of the messages on time, you can even read the messages deleted by the target device.

Access Instant Message Chats

It’s one of the best features of this spying app for Android. Xnspy lets you read chats from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Tinder, Viber and Line and even Skype conversations remotely without touching the target phone.

GPS Tracker Xnspy – A Spying App for Android Phones

-Xnspy tells you the current location of the device and their location history. All the locations visited by the target device are pinned on the map like this:

-You can also watchlist certain locations and get alerts whenever a target device enters or leaves a particular location.

Record Phone Calls and Surrounding

Xnspy – A Spying App for Android Phones

-With one command, you can record the surrounding of the target phone and listen to the recordings later.

-You can also remotely intercept the calls and record them.

Remotely Control the Phone

Here is how you can remotely control the target phone using Xnspy:

-View the apps installed on the device

-Lock the device in case it is lost

-Wipe all the data from the device from a remote location

-Block any inappropriate app installed on the target device

-Take live screenshots from a remote location without getting noticed

View Emails and Browsing History 

As Xnspy is a full-fledge spying app for Android, you can also use it to check the browsing history of the target phone, the sites they have bookmarked and even read the emails sent and received by the phone’s default mailing app.

User-Friendly Interface

Xnspy’s interface is simple. The developers haven’t made it complicated at all. All non-tech savvy parents will get a hang of it in 2-3 tries. There is a menu on your left side that has different tabs to let you get into the phone. Move from one tab to the other to access the information you are looking for.

Xnspy – A Spying App for Android Phones

Xnspy needs an internet connection to do its work. As it is a spying app, it becomes invisible and it keeps on doing its work without letting the device owner know about it. Overall, Xnspy is a reliable spying app and most of its features work. It is a valuable product for parents who want to safeguard their kids from the dangers of the online world and bad company. It is also a good investment for companies that want to keep track of their employees.

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