Youtube Vidoes – Keywords and Ranking Factors?

Youtube is still one of the areas where most of the bloggers are not concentrating much. It’s not just for getting traffic to your sites but if you create good videos there is a lot of earning potential in this.

Youtube Ranking Factors

How much you can expect from Youtube videos

It obviously depends on the number of views. Well, again there are monetized views and non-monetized views but I can say that if you get around 1000 views for your video, you can get around $5. I have tested different niches and almost all of them are yielding the same kind of results. The following is a screenshot of one of my videos performance and you can see that the video has made around $4 for around 750 views.

youtube video views and earnings

If you want to get more traffic to your video and make a decent income, obviously your videos should be ranking on the first page of Youtube search results.

In this article I am going to show you the method I follow to get videos to the first page of Youtube search results.

How to find a profitable keyword for Youtube Videos

The first thing is finding a profitable keyword. Go to Google keyword tool and search for a keyword that that has at least 2000 monthly searches. Try to get a long tail keyword that gets good number of searches as it is almost impossible with single word keywords or short tail keywords.

Profitable Keywords for Youtube copy

I will show you this with two examples of keywords – “how to create a website” & “online data entry jobs”.

The first one which is “how to create a website” has got 27100 monthly searches as per Google keyword tool. The second one “online data entry jobs” has got “9900” monthly searches. Both are good as both of them got more than 2000 monthly searches. Obviously the inclination is towards the first keyword as it has got more number of monthly searches. But at this point you have to search for the number of Youtube search results that these keywords have got.

Check for no. of results in Youtube

If you check the number of results, by using these keywords the keyword “how to create a website” has 7890000 results and the keyword “online data entry jobs” has 48400 results. So even though the first keyword has got more number of monthly searches, it is not a good idea to go with it as it is very difficult to rank videos with such keywords. In my opinion if a keyword has got less than 50000 thousand results we can consider that for making a video.

Youtube Results

Even if a keyword with high monthly searches has got fewer results in Youtube, there is one more thing you need to observe before preparing a video.

Check for the top videos results number of views

When you search for the number of results in Youtube, also check the number of views that the top videos are getting. If the videos are getting around 3000 views per month that means the keyword is a good one. If it is less than that like 500 views per month, even if the keyword has got good number of searches in Google keyword tool, it’s not a good option to go with that as the keyword might have good searches in Google search engine but not in Youtube.

If you check the keyword “online data entry jobs”, the top video has got 60000 views and it was posted around a year back that means it has got around 5000 views per month.

Just to recap, the process of keyword selection, I am giving the steps below.

  1. The keyword should have more than 2000 monthly searches as per Google Keyword Tool.
  2. The keyword should have less than 50000 results in Youtube.
  3. The top videos should have more than 3000 views per month, when we search in Youtube.

If you follow the above steps you should get good keywords. But how create videos and rank them in the first page of Youtube using these keywords. I won’t talk about the quality of the video and audio but about other factors you need to look into to rank your videos. If you directly create a video and upload it in Youtube, I think it will be purely your luck if it is ranked in the first page of Youtube. The following are the steps I follow, which give good results.

Check for the top most videos length

Youtube video length

Once you get a good keyword search in Youtube then check the videos length in the first page. If you see the keyword “online data entry jobs” the results on the first page show different videos of length from 4 minutes to 12 minutes. So if you create a video of more than 12 minutes there is a good chance that your video ranks in the first page.

Check for closed captions

If none of the videos on the first page have closed captions and if you create a video with closed captions you have a very good chance of getting your video on first page. If you see the results for the keyword “online data entry jobs” there is only one video with closed captions but that is only of around 3 or 4 minutes long. If you create one video with more than 12 minutes in length and with closed captions you have very good chance of ranking your videos on first page.

Youtube Closed Caption

If you can’t spend much time in writing down everything that you have spoken on the video for closed captions, you can go to Fiverr and there are a lot of services using which you can have your video voice written down and use it for closed captions.

Creating title, description and adding tags

youtube tags, description etc

Title: Always use your keyword in the title. Don’t repeat the keyword multiple times in the title as it might be considered as spam. Instead you can search in Google keyword tool and you can use another related keyword in the title.

Description: write down good description. Also in the description in the first two lines include your keyword. If you check the search results for any keyword in Youtube, you will see that it shows the first two lines of the description and if the keyword is there in the first two lines it will be highlighted. This way it grabs the attention of the viewer and there is a very good chance that the video will be watched.

Tags: Tags are like keywords for your video. Search for other related keyword in Google keyword tool and add them to the tags section.

If you follow the above steps you should be able get good keywords and create videos that should be ranked in the first page of Youtube search results. If your video is still not getting on the first page try to get some backlinks to your video.

Backlinks: Follow this step only if your video didn’t get into the first page even if you follow the above steps. Go to fiverr and get some backlinks to your video. There are lot of services on fiverr which give you good number of backlinks from high PR sites and you can use them for your videos.

Finally, if you repeat the above method and create different videos, you should be able to see steady income on Youtube.

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