How to Run Windows Applications without Installing in PC

For make sure of some certain software or programs we need to watch it only by installing it on our computer systems. As the knowledge in computer sector increasing gradually here is an simple way to check software without installing them initially. In this post we will be discussing on the tool which allows the user to run Windows program without installing them on system and about software program setup systems.

For executing this, we are going use Zero Install which allows web developers to release their programs from their own sites acts as cross platform application setup system too! Its an free and open-source which is available for Windows, Linux or MacOS X.

How to Install?

So to began, download and install Zero Install a portable variation of the software application. Initially you will see some software applications which you can run without installing or setting up. Always everyone want to include their own custom made thing. So for adding your own custom made applications you need to package the software according to XML metadata details offered by Zero Install. So follow the guidelines given there and set up according to your requirements.

How to Run Windows Applications without Installing in PC

It can be done by navigating to Options >> Advanced Options. In the advanced options users may mis-configure some alternative which may stop the running of Zero Install.

How to Run Windows Applications without Installing in PC

Here you can find five tabs on various configurations such as Storage, Updates, Catalog, Trust & Sync. Each tabs lets the users to configure the type of running mode either default or not?  For running the beta version by choosing “Use beta variation of Applications when offered” or by pressing Alt+U.

How to Run Windows Applications without Installing in PC

To check the storage areas you can go through Storage tabs. In the catalog section, you can define the brochure source. The other Trust tab helps to note down the system process between computer system and magazine server.

How to Run Apps without Installing

So after installing 0Install, press Alt+C to check you’re seeing the most recent list applications. Each one will have 3 buttons before to each other. The first one will be use to run the app. It allows the users to run numerous variations of each programs at same time. The second button is a setup combination, which contains set up files and other settings related to it. The third button is to move the application to My Applications tab as you preferred app list. It will be identified with Plus symbol. These things are present over installing section. Lets see how to run the software in 0Install.

How to Run Windows Applications without Installing in PC

Now press the Run button it will download some required files. After that, you can run Windows Applications without downloading anything. These application which you run using zero install will be installed in your system.

How its works?

How to Run Windows Applications without Installing in PC

Zero Install doesn’t install any applications. Instead, it will download the elements to run the apps from Zero Install platform. So make sure you won’t delete the cache memory. If you do so, you need to re-download the element files for every apps. It may also get rid to some problems. So be pointed on this!


0Install is an awesome tool for running applications without setting up. So these types of tool will be helpful for portable apps in USB Flash drive. It can be used in various virtual environment in simple way. For running zero install on Linux go here.

Hope this post ends up with an informative thing! If you face any issues then drop them in comments. Do likes and share this post with your friends! Cheers;)

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