Zimmber: Demanded Home Services in Mumbai!

In this world of internet, nothing to wonder even human’s life is depended on it. We have seen many services went online making a human easy to access. That is the advantage behind making everything online. One can access it from anywhere and depending on their availability. Here is one such website, Zimmber, the one that is trending now in the category of home services online. Let us know pros and corns about it.

Zimmber: Demanded Home Service in Mumbai!

Zimmber is an on demand home services platform that is trending in this kind of category. The idea behind this site is to make all the home services available online. The services of Zimmber include certain home servies like painting, home cleaning, AC services, plumber, carpenter and many more services.

Zimmber: Demanded Home Service in Mumbai!

Mumbai based Rejuvenate Solutions pvt ltd. is the company that is behind Zimmber. It has recently received an undisclosed amount in funding from Praveen Sinha, India head of lifestyle e-retailer Jabong.

People Behind Zimmber:

Anubhab Goel, the co founder of Rejuvenate Solutions is also the founder of Zimmber.com. This startup was founded by Goel, along with another two people Gaurav Shrivastava and Amit Kumar. Goel had cofounded another company called PeopleStrong HR Services, and recently exited the firm. Amit Kumar is an engineer and a management graduate worked in companies like L&T and KBR Inc, before setting up Zimmber. Gaurav Shrivastava is also an engineer worked for First Quadrant Solutions previously.

Serviecs at Zimmber:

In this online platform for home services, the users can book the home services such as fixing of dripping flush tank or electircal glitch, or AC Service & Repair in the site.

Zimmber: Demanded Home Service in Mumbai!

How to contact?

The user can contact either by going into their official site. The user has to select an option in the list of services provided in the site menu.

Or else the use can use the site’s app or call them on phone, and also can contact through their social media pages.

Offers at Zimmber:

Right now, there are certain offers going on the site. If the user applies the home service by using the mobile app, there will be a discount of Rs. 100 on the service you choose to have.

Zimmber: Demanded Home Service in Mumbai!

If you notice the home service provider is not in time as expected, you don’t have to pay Rs. 200 from the complete fee you are supposed to pay.

There is a 25% offer on lifetime packages.

How do they respond?

After booking, the firm will contact the user to confirm the user’s availibility, before sending the service provider to the home/office. According to the sources of the site, there are around 100 service providers for Zimmber. Or if you have an issue in solving with the site, you can contact the firm directly.

Silent Features:

According to Goel, one of the co founders of Zimmber, the firm has generated Rs. 2 lakh revenue in this November alone and also crossed 8 lakhs this month.

As per the statistics of the company, most of the houses spend an average of Rs. 20,000 per year on  household services and this is the key in targeting this niche.

Zimmber: Demanded Home Service in Mumbai!

Right now, the service is confined to Mumbai, although they mentioned other cities in the official site. The makers are planning to expand the business to other cities in the near future.


Zimmber: Demanded Home Service in Mumbai!

This is one of those successful startups that began its journey with a good vision in the field in which it is supposed to travel. Zimmber is going to be in the peaks in the entire country in providing home services soon.

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